Zone Griggs Spills The Tea on Her Style, School Life, and More

Age: 18. Profession: Student, blogger and youtuber. Home: LA. Style: Diverse. Free. Funky.

All photos taken by, Bryant Rosales.

Q: What are your Holy Grail clothing items? Are these pieces that you wear constantly or do you bring them out on special occasions? 

ZG: My Holy Grail items would definitely be these chain Zara booties I own and my plaid/cheetah print Lazy Oaf jacket because it's so different. I love funky, wild, and different items that I think no one else has.

Q: Have you ever felt that your style didn't  fit what everyone else though was cool, trending, or chic? What did you do about it?

ZG: I'll never forget in middle school I wore really bright and neon colors, especially socks that everyone made fun of me for, which I didn't understand because I was expressing myself! I didn't do it to be stylish, I did it because it made me happy. Even after people made fun, I still wore them because it made me happy.

Q: In one of your youtube videos you spoke about not getting accepted into all the universities you applied to. Now you're attending junior college majoring in communications. How do you believe majoring in communications will help you in your career? Where do you see yourself in five years after getting your degree in communications?

ZG: Well communications is a broad major and that's why I love it. I could be a lawyer, a journalist, or a casting director. It is suppose to cater to my field of work, acting and blogging so it's really a win-win situation for me. I really enjoy writing/talking, so learning to perfect that craft is vital for me especially while being a blogger. I see myself acting, hosting shows or red carpets, being a major blogger, or something around those careers.

Q: What are your top five clothing brands you are currently obsessed with?

ZG: I love Zara, Unif, Steve Madden, Maniere De Voir, and of course Forever 21.

Q: What inspires your style?

ZG: Sometimes I feel 80s after watching a Different World, Chic after NY fashion week, free after Coachella vines, or just casual on a cool day. It all depends on what things, experiences, or people I'm expose to.

Q: Since you are in the spotlight and are known on social media, what are some things you would like to bring awareness to and why?

ZG: Actually, I would like to remind people there is so much more to life than social media. In the most non-hypocritcal way, people should really take a moment to step outside of the fantasy world that is social media, and remember not everyone's life is perfect, not everything we see is real, and people online are real people with emotions, feelings, and different experiences. Social media should be used for spreading positivity and information.

Zolee Griggs is one intelligent young woman who has a bright future ahead. She's dedicated, driven, and doesn't care what people think about her. She has real goals, not just the ones on everyone's instagram timeline. For that we appreciate you and that's why you're in the spotlight.