Maurice "Average Mo" McDonald

Model & Style Guru Maurice "Average Mo" McDonald speaks on his future goals, the details of his life as a model, and so much more!

Age: 25. Profession: Model & Style Guru. Home: New Jersey. Style: Personal, Unique, & Vibes.

All photos by Ayodale Savage, with Post Production by Daijohn Mclaurin (Director of Photography).

Q: What inspires your style? Is it your environment, everyday life, culture?

AM: My upbringing and culture are valid influences on my style. My biggest inspiration is my city, Paterson, New Jersey. Home to a lot of great people, products, and venues, but it is also home to the idea that fear can only be a word. My style is the way it is because I fear no one. I challenge myself and only myself to dress in a way that will inspire people to wear what they want, how they want, when they want, without fear of rejection or disapproval. Remember, only manikins are meant to be dressed.

Q: What are some staple clothing / accessory items that you cannot leave the house without?

AM: Must have items are of course, my charm bracelet. I lost the original bracelet my grandmother gave me back in elementary school. My girlfriend bought me another bracelet a couple years back and I love it. I'm constantly looking for charms that were either on the original bracelet or ones that i can add on. Also my "I AM SECOND" wristband means a lot to me because it's reminds me of my positioning in reference to my God.

Q: Since you are pursuing a modeling career of your own, are there any fashion designers that you hope to work with in the near future? If so, feel free to share . . .

AM: Clothing lines that I would love to work with vary, but are endless. The big name companies are great and of course I would love to work with them (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balmain). But with all the talent that's in my city, I would love to work with people who are passionate and share the same ambition as I do. Urban Survivor, Loyal Judgment and Jiggy by Jiggy are all clothing companies owned by people that I grew up knowing. There are so many more that I forgot to mention so I apologize. I also want to work with you too. The vision is to not be brand conscious, but more so conscious minded to the brands and their message.

Q: What are some things that you do in order to prepare for a photo shoot? Do you quickly transform into the desired character or does it take some time?

AM: Preparation for shoots are simple. After I take the edge off, listen to some Bankroll Fresh and do my facial exercises, I simply transition into "Average Mo". It's fun because I feel like I'm playing a character, only difference is the script is as you go. Business is to be handled but "Average Mo" will always make sure you're living and not just alive when he's around.

Q: If you could work alongside any fashion icon, dead or alive. . Who would you choose?

AM: If I could work with any fashion icon it would be Chad "OchoCinco" Johnson. Growing up playing football, then later in life looking for a reason to continue, he displayed a sense of joy for the game that I needed to see. My attraction for the style of play fell naturally into the category of his style and I began to realize that he too must've grown up in Paterson. I admire his liking for "weird" pieces of clothing and footwear. It's naturally different and brings a feeling of reassurance. It's great to know that we can look different in our features and apparel as well.

Q: Are there any goals that you hope to accomplish as a upcoming model and evolving fashion lover?

AM: I have one short term goal and that is to change the industry. Just like everybody else, I want to make and see a difference. A Difference that you wouldn't notice unless you were to look at the same factors as the aspiring. So here's my goal, I will be the first black male model for Tommy Hilfiger by 2020!

Maurice "Average Mo" McDonald is a profound visual storyteller who is strong willed and confidently walking into in his purpose in life. His positive attitude, determination, and genuine presence is what sets him apart from many models today. Maurice, has plans to change the world with one outfit and photograph at a time. We love all that you're doing and strongly believe in all of your capabilities to turn your dreams into a reality. For that we are thankful and more than honored to have you a part of the spotlight.