Fire Chulo

UK-based fashion plugger, fashion event planner, and designer, Fire Chulo took some time to answer a couple questions that SVGE had for him...

Fire Chulo, captured by Lewis Roman.

So you're a fashion plugger. Can you tell us a little bit more about what a fashion plugger does?

A fashion plugger means being the main connect between the shipper & the sender. I network to gain the right resources to be able to make things happen in the fashion field, from art directing to selling my own brand to promoting other brands to traveling around the globe and collecting rare fabric and pieces that money can't buy to bringing people together. 


Why do you love fashion so much?

Being raised in La Sape (Congo) has always been a influence to my fashion lifestyle. I love standing out and feeling good, which creates positive energy. Fashion is the key to image, and image is the key to network, which is a big part of my journey as a plugger.  

What made you want to create your own clothing line? What have you learned along the way?

 “SkyhighflyxApparel” was inspired by my journey from Africa to London. I believe our emotions are reflected through our fashion senses. I created an emotion of being above it all by giving birth to a diversity & style inspired by dreamers who believe in something bigger than life. We are born to be different no matter where we from or what language we speak. Fashion was the only way for me to connect with the world and let them know my story. 


What was it like putting together your own fashion show?

It ain't easy putting a fashion show together, especially when you don't expect it to sell out. The journey will always get harder when you level up. I got amazing and talented people around me, and without them, the plug wouldn't be plug. I'm thankful for them. We stuck to the plan and networked with people, and the result was motivational. Team work makes the dream work but you will never understand this statement, if you ain't plugging in your field. 

What's one piece of clothing that you think everyone should have in their closet?

 Really good question, personally I can't go without my own brand. My own work motivates me and inspires me to progress, and one day I will collaborate with my favourite designers. 


Do you have any big goals or plans this year? Is there anything we should be on the lookout for?

God is the main plug, and without Him, these dreams or plans don't mean anything. I'm going to stick to my method and aim for progress by networking with dreamers of my kind around the globe. From fashion shows to sponsorships to pop up stores. The only way is up. I also hope to motivate other dreamers to go chase their own paths


Hoodie:  SkyHighFlyxApparel   Denim Jacket:  SIXTH JUNE   Denim Jeans:  Fear Of God   Shoes:  Y3 Adidas

Hoodie: SkyHighFlyxApparel

Denim Jacket: SIXTH JUNE

Denim Jeans: Fear Of God

Shoes: Y3 Adidas

Fire Chulo’s main goal is to create, influence and inspire others who have a passion to learn, appreciate fashion and art, and chase their dreams by living lives of purpose. He has made a living out of shooting with different brands and creating concepts and inspirations. His personal Instagram has amassed 52K+ followers and his blog blog attracts an SEO traffic of 3000+ visits a day worldwide. He aims to prove that it is possible to achieve dreams by being yourself.

All images captured by Lewis Roman.

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