Afro Disco

Two weekends ago, SVGE teamed up with SPOT (by Dotun Abeshinbioke) and Oye Shea Butter (by Tolu Oye) to host AFRO DISCO, a night of soul music and classic afrobeats. In the weeks leading up to the event, attendees dug through their parents’ closets and ransacked thrift stores to find clothing reflective of ‘70s fashion, and it was well worth it. The entire night was filled with a warm air of nostalgia as we recreated moments from our parents’ youth. We were our mothers and our fathers, our aunts and our uncles, and even, for some of us, our grandparents. Starr Bar, on that night, was a time machine to an era our generation could only ever reach through stories, photos, and movies. From performances, to a homemade photobooth, to a best-dressed competition, AFRO DISCO was a night to remember for everyone who was lucky enough to attend.

Photos by Odera Ubaka.

Chioma NwanaComment