Contemporary Artist THIIIRD Debuts "IN MY MIIIND" Exhibition

Contemporary artist, THIIIRD of III EYE VIEW debuted his IN MY MIIIND exhibition on Wednesday night at Seven House Gallery. The show took guests through the years 2006-2010. During this time, there was a paradigm shift developing in society. This transition was an induction for open-minded individuality to finally have a voice in contrast to what the culture was accustomed to in music, art, and fashion.

Guests saw how the soundtracks “IN MY MIND” by Pharrell Williams and “Graduation” by Kanye West influenced THIIIRD’s perspective. You can be true to yourself without sacrificing who you are for anyone. The exhibition pays tribute to the nostalgic space and time that birthed a generation of creatives and dreamers.

The exhibition will be on display through 6.8.19 from 12:00pm – 9:00pm. Free tickets to the show are available here.

Pictured: THIIIRD beside his neon piece titled “GRADUATION.”

Chioma NwanaComment