Photographer Jayson Cunha

All photos taken by, DaiJohn McLaurin. @beezshotme

All photos taken by, DaiJohn McLaurin. @beezshotme

Photographer Jayson Cunha rips apart New York with his amazing photography and fashion modeling. The best of both worlds for any true artist. We got a chance to shoot with Jayson to see first hand the process of greatness.  


 What would you say you like to do more? Being the shooter or being shot?

J: Id say I definitely like being the shooter a whole lot more. It allows me to add my own creativity to whatever subject it is that I'm shooting.

Who are your favorite fashion figures to shoot with?

J: A: My one favorite person to shoot with that I actually shoot with a lot would definitely have to be Denny (@denny623 on instagram). Whenever on a shoot with Denny, he always adds his input and what he looks for in a good shoot which definitely helps.

 Have you worked with any brands? What brands would you like to work with?

  J: I've worked with a few big brand and some smaller ones. Some include HTC, Creative Recreation, Vitaly Design, NID de GUÊPES and OtherUK. 

Brands I'd like to work with would have to be Adidas, I Love Ugly and StampdLA.

What's the one thing you'd say all photographers hate most of all?

J: As a photographer, I wouldn't say I hate anything but I do see a lot of the times, excellent work or photographer go un-noticed.


If you could shoot with any one person in the world, who would it be? 

 J: If I could shoot with anyone in the world, it would have to be one of my inspirations in fashion and modeling, Toni Mahfud.



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