Exquisite Eye

Exquisite Eye captured by, Rah Imagery.

Exquisite Eye captured by, Rah Imagery.

Photographer, Bree Holt.  

Owner of MadHouse and photographer Bree Holt takes Atlanta and makes it her own. Her name truly expresses the value of her work, purely exquisite.  

What is madhouse?

Madhouse is a force of individuals shifting the way people think. We encourage everyone to live the life that they desire. Becoming madhouse means shining bright at whatever you do. My team and I have apparel for people to wear and feel unstoppable. Our generation is filled with awesome people and with time and patience Madhouse will continue to create their wave.

If you could describe your shooting style in two words, what would they be?

Colorful and Moody.

Exquisite Eye captured by, Rah Imagery.

Exquisite Eye captured by, Rah Imagery.

Exquisite Eye capturing Jamillah.

As seen on VOGUE.| Brianna Williams

Are there any other crafts that you find yourself in?

I love blogging, I have a blog on my site where I highlight artist that I admire. I have been messing around with video and released my first short film which you can check out on my site. I''ll be doing more video in 2016 so I'll be sharing more short films. I can't wait because video is like moving pictures. 

By 2020, what would you say your biggest goal is and how do you plan to accomplish it?

By 2020 my biggest goal would be to travel the world and have an extensive amount of clientele that allows me to do so. I plan to get there with a lot of hard work and staying consistent.

How has photography helped your personal life?

Photography genuinely makes me happy and is something that continues to inspire me everyday. I am so thankful to have realized my gift and able to create daily.

What inspires you the most to be you?

Well, I've grown to realize that there will always be only one me. So even though I'm far from perfect I love the skin I'm in. Anyone who may be reading this and feel that they are less than for any reason, love and cherish yourself you are special just the way you are.

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