Andre "Uncut" Gray of Goodbreed Films

All Around Creative André "Uncut" Gray of Goodbreed Films speaks about his love for NYC, style as a photographer, and more!

Age: 22 Profession: Photographer & Videographer. Home: Heart Of NYC.

All photos by André Gray of .

Q: What inspired you to become a photographer? 

A: Vintage pictures made me get into photography but before I was taking stills I was doing videos so photography was second nature to me.

Q:  How long have you been capturing the beauty of people and the world around you?

A: It's been 3 years since I've been doing photography, I've probably shot with thousands of people, it just keeps going on and on.

Q: We love the way you capture the beauty and intricate details of women, especially African American women, can you tell us, how your style came about? 

A: I was raised by black women and most of favorite celebrities are black women. Being younger and watching television I fell in love with so many women from watching movies, sitcoms, and even music videos. But I don't really have a style in my photography it's too versatile to have a category.

Q: If you could work with any photographer, whether dead or alive, who would you choose?

A: Photography wise I would have to choose Jonathan Mannion and Carl Posey and film wise it would F. Gary Gray. Their styles are all one of a kind. No one that I know of can match up to that mindset. They're simply ahead of their time and I truly mean that because in their prime they didn't have digital cameras, everything was done on film. Their photos were on point within composition and lighting and that's why I'm so amazed by their skills even until this day.

Q: What do you love the most about the world of photography?

A: What I like about the world of photography is that photographs always remain no matter what. The fact that you can research a picture from a different decade and see what it was like just for the moment and be part of the photograph is amazing, it's a feeling like no other. Photos are modern time machines.

Q: Are you heavily influenced by the culture and people of New York City? 

A: New York is my home I love it with all my heart. The culture is so important here because we practically started everything that is popular today. From the fashion all the way to the music. That's one reason why I got into film in the first place. After watching "Our Song" starring Kerry Washington I was shocked that it was shot in Brooklyn and from the day I saw that I realized that I too can tell stories of NYC in visuals and make an audience understand and relate to the situation I present.

Q: Are there any future plans in the works? If so, care to share. If not, that's okay too. 

A: As of now I'm working on a web series named "Represent", it is set in the year 1995 of the dangerous streets of New York City. Product, a young drug dealer hailing from Brooklyn, NY has bigger plans than just making money for his boss, Static. Product wants the direct connection so he and his crew can eat well. But how will he accomplish this and who will have his back? "Represent" presents the realness in the term by any means necessary even when it comes to getting money or even trying to get love. In my other ventures I am currently shooting with ASOS and other companies just helping people reach their visual goal.

André Gray is a phenomenal visionary based in the heart of NYC. He focuses on preserving the culture of eras such as the early to late 90's. His visuals bring forth many nostalgic vibes for people who admire the livelihood of decades prior to the 21st century. André showcases  authenticity with a mix of edge within every photograph, so effortlessly. His deep rooted love for capturing the culture of old school artistry is rather impeccable and very beautiful to say the least. For that we are beyond thankful to have your work apart of the spotlight.