Breezy Supreme Wants You To Do What Makes You Happy

Breezy Supreme, photographed by Shaughn Cooper.

Some rappers say that they’re two different people when they’re on and off stage. Who are you? Who is Breezy Supreme? Are they the same person?

I don't think I'm any different on stage than I am in person to be honest. I just do whatever comes to mind. I don't plan anything – it just happens. Some people say I'm a character, so I guess that what makes me cool and entertaining and shit.


What made you want to make music? 

Do you ever feel like you were put on earth to do one specific thing? I think music was definitely that thing. Like even since I was like a lil’ ugly nigga, I've had visions of me being famous and shit, and now that I'm a big ugly nigga, I still have the same visions which means that shit was meant to be.


Your sound is very different from what we normally hear on the radio. How would you define your sound? How did you find your sound?

I describe my sound as Trap-Goth. I came up with that because I'm fascinated with like evil and dark shit, so during my creative process, I need dark beats or I won't feel comfortable with the track. Plus, I've always liked moshpits and shit because I listen to mainly rock music, so I was like “Fuck it, I should just make rage music.”

Anyone who speaks to you for more than five minutes can tell that you’re a funny dude. Do you have any funny studio session stories? Or any funny performance stories?

Fuck yeah. I was in NY at this studio and it was a Def Jam A&R and some other artist there, and he liked what he heard and shit. It just so happens that the person who was paying for my trip to NY knew the Dej Jam nigga, and he set me up to perform at this club. He wanted me to perform at a 21 and over club, so I was all excited and shit (keep in mind in mind that I was only 20 at this time). We got there and it was all these old niggas in there – like 30 and up and shit – so I immediately knew they didn't wanna hear any of my moshpit young nigga songs. Them niggas came to listen to like R. Kelly and like DMX and all that other old shit. On top of that it was other niggas performing too, and they was all old and spitting that 2002 aggressive real gangster flow shit, and all the people was in there fuckin’ with it, so now I'm nervous as fuck because I don't make shit like that.

So I got on the stage and I was performing my shit, and these old niggas was fucking with me and my energy, so then I was all like, "Yeah, turn up, woop woop," and shit. Then I don’t know what the fuck was going through my mind, but something told me to crowd surf in this old people club… So I turn around and just fell back towards the crowd and these niggas moved out the way and let me fall bro! I was mad as shit. Then what made it even worse was niggas had the audacity to help me back up like they ain't just let me fall with my dumb ass... Moral of the story: don't crowd surf around old niggas.

We’ve watched and cheered for you throughout your journey to better mental health. How does being an artist - specifically a rapper -  affect mental health? Any advice?

Damn that's lit. I didn’t even know I had supporters like that. But ironically, music stops me from like being depressed and shit. I'm like really emo, and at times I feel like everyone is against me, but music keeps me sane. It's been several times when and like I had nothing to live for and I thought about killing myself. Then I'd get those visions of me doing some famous people shit that – I been getting since I was like little – and instead of killing myself, I just put my anger into music. That shit's a stress reliever. That's also what makes my music like cool. Because it's real. Like I go into the studio as myself and record as myself. None of that shit is fabricated; my style is how I really am, which is probably why all the arsty and emo kids fuck with me so hard. Only advice I have is fuck what people think, just do what makes you happy.

Who is your favorite rapper or rappers?

Favorite rappers are Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator, A$AP Rocky... Probably in that order.

What is your favorite thing about the rap game today?

My favorite thing is performing. Like moshpits and how the crowd interacts is the most lit shit ever. Seeing everybody bouncing and acting crazy with you and knowing that your music sometimes touches people on a personal level is so fucking cool. That’s motivation to keep going.

What are you currently working on? What can we expect from you in the near future?

My EP called “The Enigma" will be coming out in March sometime. And like I said I can't tell you what'll happen in the future because I don't plan anything – I just go off whatever my mind say to go – but I can promise you it'll be lit and very entertaining... Or you might hate that shit. Either way. just stay tuned in to me for the future.

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