"Cocoon Umbrella" by Lloyd Crosdale

Modeling by Angel Zheng. Filmed by Paola Castillo (paolaroid.com). Directed by Lloyd Crosdale.

“Cocoon” is the first part of a series representing Metamorphosis, the process of transformation from adolescence to an adult form in two or more distinct changes. These images and the umbrella represent the cocoon, the womb, the source of protection.

In Chinese Culture, a silk worm’s cocoon is used to produce silk. Cocoon’s are also a protective layer for the butterfly worm to grow in. The location of this editorial was shot in Doyers St.,Chinatown, NY which has a notorious history for its violence. During the 1800’s, Doyer’s street was infamous for its prostitution dens and gang violence. Its 90-degree angle it made an easy getaway from law enforcement. The street was even stained red on the 1807 Manhattan map.

The curved street is known as “The Bloody Angle”. Even though the location has a had a violent preceding history, it has transformed into a beautiful Chinatown.

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