5 Streetwear Brands You Should Know

It’s not always easy finding the balance between style and comfort. As someone who lives in baggy sweats and oversized tees, I can relate to the struggle of having to sacrifice my freedom for the sake of finding something more stylish to wear to the functions. Fortunately for me, and anyone who tells a similar tale, there are a number of rising streetwear brands presenting the #ComfortFirst community with high-quality pieces that allow us to get fly while still maintaining our preferred levels of coziness. To get y’all started, I’ll share 5 of my favorite streetwear brands that are currently in my closet:

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Why I’m buying: Versatility is the name of the game for this brand. They got you with the hookup to everything from tees, to tracksuits, to headbands, to winter coats (how many up-and-coming brands do you know that make winter coats?!). No matter what you buy, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving a quality item—this brand is all about the details, and it shows.

What I’m buying: FSMB Red Nylon Pants

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Why I’m buying: Not only is this brand known for its distinct colorways and unique graphics, but every single release holds significance within the context of the brand’s slogan, #FulfillYourProject. Even more than that, the money made from the clothing sold is often used to power events designed to connect and serve NYC creatives throughout the year (for example, check out the #P96SUMMEREXPERIENCE). 

What I’m buying: P96Athletics Sweatpants

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Why I’m buying: This brand is a silent killer. It’s a one-stop shop for minimalists who enjoy streetwear clothing without the rugged look and feel. Its classic black and white pieces make it easy to slide in and out of the function in stealth, but most importantly, in style. Despite the brand’s minimal designs, you’ll always know when you’re looking at a SOLTAU item—the brand is very intentional and strategic about its logo placement.  They make winter coats, too!

What I’m buying: “Separation” Puffer Jacket

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Why I’m buying: This has to be one of the most unique and stylistically diverse streetwear brands I’ve come across. They’ll get you right for the winter with bubble or wool coats to layer on top of their knit sweaters, but they make clothing for every season of the year—they sell windbreakers, sweatpants, shorts, tees, and even leather jackets for days when you’re feeling extra spicy. What’s even cooler is that you can find Ineffable stocked in a bunch of stores, from New York, to Maryland, to Mexico, to China. Surprise: more winter coats!

What I’m buying: Knit Vertical Logo Sweater

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Why I’m buying: This brand is notorious for pushing the style envelope. Whether it’s releasing flannels with purposely frayed edges, or incorporating pharmaceutical labels onto button down shirts, or making bold but necessary social commentary (see the “African-American Murder Tour” tee), this brand understands that the easiest way to stand out is by doing what others won’t. 

What I’m buying: “NO C.L.U.E” Tee

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