28 Days of Black Cosplay

By Douye Yaboh

Happy Blacktivity, Happy Black Magic, Happy Black History Month! As we celebrate these last days of this beautiful month, take some time to reflect on the beauty of being Black, to remember that support is around you in different shapes and forms, to indulge in self-care, and to embrace your community. This month has been a wild one, but through the challenges, there have been many triumphs, and Black Magic has continued to spread its wings in science, tech, literature, art, and travel.

I have personally spent a lot of February following one of the coolest movements to present itself this month: #28DaysofBlackCosplay. This hashtag encouraged Black cosplayers to make themselves known by presenting their work and passion to the masses—it was a wonderful reminder that just like Black people as a whole, Black cosplayers, too, come in every shade, shape, and form. Whether you are a gamer, an anime lover, or a hopeless nostalgic, the characters represented had something for everyone. Below are a few of my favorite melanated cosplayers:

Jasmine Grimes

First up, we have Jasmine Grimes taking us back to a simpler time. As a kid (and honestly, as an adult), I couldn’t skate or surf as well as Reggie Rocket, but it was always inspiring to watch her show out and remind us of the beauty and power of girlhood.


For my Boku No Hero Academia fans, I’m sure we can all agree that Violet slayed the heck out of this Bakugo Cosplay. Your fave could never! The attention to specific character detail coupled with an hint of her individuality made her costume stand out.

Outtaline Cosplay

Outtaline Cosplay brought a familiar villain, in all his glory, to reality. Give it up for Doctor Doom!


If you are a Hunter x Hunter fan, then you’ll appreciate Seun. Canary was one of my favorite characters in the series (next to Hisoka of course).  I love the accurate slayage.

Kiera Please

If it isn’t obvious yet, I have a special place in my heart for anime. Ask me how many times I’ve watched Spirited Away. On behalf of Studio Ghibli fans everywhere, I want to thank Kiera for killing this look. Chihiro and No Name never looked better.


Kozmo, a Trinidadian Cosplayer—big up Trinidad—is the one and only Rick Sanchez! When’s our next mission, Kozmo?


Bulma and Vegeta would argue less if he looked like this. For this, Shellanin deserves her own hashtag (she actually has one: #CurlyCosplay).

Deon (and his Daughter)

Hugh Jackman is an amazing actor and Deon was great.

Fire Forged Cosplay

Piccolo is a Black man, the end.


I almost shaved my head after seeing this photo, Ila. You’ve honored Okoye and the Dora Milaje so well. Wakanda welcomes you!


There’s only one word for this next photo: ICONIC. It’s about time we showed Dijonay her respect. You killed this look, Cookie!


Something for our Street Fighter fans: Dhalsim has come to life, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. This is amazing.

Do yourselves a favor and research more about Black Cosplay, the dedication and passion that goes into this lifestyle is beautiful and deserves the support and attention of our community.

Chioma NwanaComment