Cynthia Alozie: Fashion Blogger and All-Around Guru

Name: Cynthia Alozie. Age: 24. Location: From Imo State, Nigeria, living in San Diego, CA. Profession: Blogger & Equity Research Assistant. 


All images courtesy of Cynthia Alozie

Q: Who inspires you to create? Could you share with us a few accomplishments that you are most proud ?

CA: I draw a lot of inspiration from the people I meet and places I see living in New York City. The majority of the people I've come across here are about their grind and it really makes me feel like anything is possible if you are proactive. I'm most proud of myself sticking with my decision to move to NYC from LA alone 3 years ago. I'm also really proud of myself for starting a cut and sew line called HIM&HER a few months ago. I draw a lot of inspiration from menswear pieces so I wanted to create a line that offers exclusively unisex clothing.

Q: At what age, did you discover your sense of style?

CA: I don't know that I can pin point a specific age. I have been into fashion for as long as I can remember but it has evolved in many ways across the years. However, I didn't really start to focus on creating my own personal style until my junior or senior year of high school.

Q:  Name some of your most favorite items in your closet. . What is the first accessory or clothing item that you pull the most? 

CA: My favorite items change with the reasons, but I've been loving all denim everything. My go to's have been this long denim jacket I picked up from Zara a few months ago and a vintage denim button up I picked from a thrift store in Brooklyn.

Q: How was the process of creating ? Do you feel that you have grown a significant amount since then? 

CA: started during a time when I was feeling conflicted about my career pursuits. I moved to New York after I graduated from college in 2013 to attend a pre-med program at Columbia University and it took me a long time to be real with myself and realize that I wasn't on the road to med school for the right reasons. I started BLOG. by Cyn to have a creative outlet to turn to as I worked to figure out what my true calling was. I honestly didn't think anyone would read it and I didn't care, I just wanted to invest my energy into the interest I put on the back burner for so long for the sake of doing well in school. I have grown so much since then because starting my blog made me realize that I wouldn't be happy or feel fulfilled with my career unless it aligned with all of my passions.

:  What are some of your guilty pleasures, any movies, songs, or shows that you are totally in love with? We promise not to judge.

CA: I love watching anything on HGTV, Shark Tank, and a of couple shows on the food network like Chopped and Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives lol. Aside from that I don't really watch tv.  The Lion King is still one my favorite movies of all time.

Q: Are there any places that you'd like to travel in the near future?

CA: Yes! I would love to go to Thailand and Greece. 

Cynthia Alozie is a fashion blogger who has a career as a equity research assistant. She created Blog by Cyn as a way to express her every day thoughts built around fashion, style, music, and beauty. Cynthia is a prime example of what it means to be a woman of many gifts, talents, and interests. She makes sure to not hold any limitations to all that she does. She goes after what makes her happy despite the opinions of others which is why she is a part of Spotlight. 






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