Whitney Madueke: Fashion Blogger, Model, Natural Hair and Beauty YouTuber

Whitney Madueke popularly known on YouTube as LeazzWay shares information about her favorite beauty looks, and favorite protect natural hair styles. 

Image courtesy of Whitney Madueke

Q: You have over 14,000 subscribers on YouTube can you share how you created such a successful channel?

WM: It's really God, guiding me through it all and letting me meet the right people. Also, lots of hard work. It's important to do you, and to embrace it with positive energy. That energy is how people connect with you. From there you continue to grow.

Q: Who influenced your sense of fashion? 

WM: Magazines, FashionTv and the vast amount of fashion blogs.

Q: What is your favorite go to make-up/beauty look? Do you love soft glam looks more or bold glam make-up looks?

WM: I love natural glowy looks! Haha I think it's quite obvious on my Instagram, I'm all about that glow!! It's here to promote your natural beauty.

Q: What are a few of your favorite go to hairstyles? 

WM: It has to be braids or a natural hair weave!

Q: You are a model, fashion,beauty, and natural hair blogger. what do you love most about what you do? 

WM: I love the people I meet. I love being able to inspire people from different parts of the world and to get that "you inspire me" message, just makes it so much better. I love it all.

Image courtesy of Anny Roberts

Whitney Madueke is a 22 year old model from Nigeria. She owns a fashion blog, Desourire  and is a natural hair and beauty YouTuber. Whitney Madueke can easily be found on Instagram as @whitneymadueke. 

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