Ziggy Mack-Johnson: Fashion Enthusiast and Influencer

Ziggy Mack-Johnson is 20 years old from Brooklyn, New York, and fashion is truly his passion. He is no stranger to the industry by any means; he has been climbing his way up the ladder of the fashion world since he was a junior in high school (four years ago).

Ziggy transitioned from freelance blogging to modeling to handling fashion and social media at major companies. Currently, you can find him working for Nylon Magazine, curating for their social media, and making appearances at fashion events all over NYC sporting his infamous monochromatic looks.

Ziggy Mack-Johnson pictured wearing pieces created by Olivia Anthony (photographed by SVGE's Chioma Nwana).

When we asked Ziggy to give our readers one piece of advice, he said, "I like to think that dreams actually come true when you work hard, keep your head straight, and absolutely never lose yourself!"

Chioma NwanaComment