SVGE Outreach: HAUP 21st Century Horizons Youth Program’s Sharkquarium Summer Expo

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AUGUST 18 marked a special day for a group of elementary and junior high school students gathered in the cafeteria of P.S. 189 in Brownsville, Brooklyn. The long-awaited Sharkquarium Summer Expo had finally begun. An expo made possible by the HAUP (Haitian Americans United for Progress, Inc.) 21st Century Horizons Youth Program, the Sharkquarium Expo was designed to challenge these students to tap into their creativity and entrepreneurism. The students were divided into four groups, and each group was asked to come up with their own unique creation. They worked amongst themselves for weeks, coming up with inventions, blueprints, sales ideas, and marketing plans. Finally, at Sharkquarium, they were able to showcase the fruits of their labor in front of their family, friends, and SVGE Magazine’s Community Outreach Team (we had the honor and privilege of covering this event)!

Each invention was vastly different from the one before it. From skin/hair care products, to transformable jewelry, to white out made for colored paper, to a smart desk, these children demonstrated their ability to think outside of the box and innovate. In addition to displaying their creations, each group had to pitch their product to the audience and come up with a clever advertisement for their product. We saw it all! There was dancing, singing, acting, and rapping. However, as different as the groups’ products and presentations were, our reaction was always the same: blown away. It was humbling to witness children so young thinking so critically. It was inspiring to listen to them speak as they entered into business mode and tried pitched their products to the audience. It was scary to imagine what these children will be capable of years down the road with more education, resources, and support available to them. This is only the beginning.

We would like to extend a special thank you to David Balan, HAUP’s Activity Specialist, who worked so hard alongside his team to make this special event possible and invited us to share in the magic.

Below are some photos captured by SVGE COO, Chioma Nwana:


Elsie St. Louis, Executive Director

Marie Charles, Chief Operations Officer

Laurena Mora, Family and Youth Services Director

Melissa Highsmith, Site Director

Sabrina Fidelis, Activities Specialist

Dana Greene, Group Leader

Jodi Pierre-Louis, Group Leader

Annissa Dupal, Group Leader

Krissy Daniels, Group Leader

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