Calling All Creatives: The Creative Link


20-year-old Staten Island-native Jess Og. spends a great deal of her time supporting up-and-coming NYC companies, brands, and collectives, offering her help without hesitation. Over time, she noticed that there existed potential for a shift from the individualistic nature of the New York City creative scene to the collectivist culture that some millennials have already started cultivating. She decided that she could do more than just help out– she could facilitate it. “I know so many talented photographers and artists and designers," she said. "I was speaking [to my friend on the phone] about how none of them really know each other. It’s so beneficial for everybody to expose themselves to new types of people. We started talking about how important it is to network and collaborate and build with other people.” Just like that, the seed for The Creative Link was planted, and shortly after, the plan was set in motion. Jess immediately reached out to the talented people that she had in her circle, but for the sake of creating opportunities for exposure for new people, she also reached out to lesser known artists, “the ones who really needed that boost.” As stressful as the planning was, especially because Jess put this event together by herself, her motivation to push through was the vision of bringing all of these people together, and she got it done. The event required contributions from just about everyone who could contribute: models, designers, DJs, journalists, rappers, singers, artists, photographers, and more. The attendees admired the paintings that lined the walls of the Caelum Gallery by the likes of Debbie Roxx, Binksy, and Mr. Coopa, turned up to live music performed by K.PorterM2Cleotrapa, Mo’, Pell The DonOluwaseun Ewola, and Christiana Don. and stood in awe of models wearing the designs of clothing brands such as WATERSIDE, Project 96, Nomä New York, and JAYLUSH. In addition to organizing the event, Jess utilized her passion for fashion and styled all of the models who walked in the event.

To drive the point home, Jess asked the attendees to use the last 30 minutes of the event to network and introduce themselves to people around the room. In that time, connections were made, social media accounts were shared, and opportunities to collaborate in the future were created. “As the event was going on, I didn’t really have an opinion on it. I was really focused on making sure everything was running smoothly,” she said. “I did get a lot of great feedback: a lot of people told me that they met this person and that person, and now they’re friends with this person. That was the biggest return possible. The event sold out, and that’s amazing, but what made me the happiest is the fact that people did leave with new connections, and people were inspired. That was amazing to me.”


If you missed out, don’t feel too bad– Jess plans to create more opportunities for NYC creatives to find each other and work together. In the meantime, check out the event photo recap and a slideshow of our favorite outfits from that night:

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