The Come Up: Artist Showcase

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the come up: artist showcase

written by drew bosompem, photographed by chioma nwana

   The come-up is the most beloved part of an artist’s career. As fans, we remember the first time we heard the song that caught our attention or the first show we attended that made us want to know more about an artist’s music. On November 17th, Roundtable Records provided an opportunity for eight acts (AK88, The AK’s, B.L.U.E., Rebel G, Reign, Sydni, and Briefcvse, Gio Shyne, and Kleo of 2020) to showcase their talents at the Starr Bar in Brooklyn. This is the second Roundtable Records event that I’ve attended this year, and two things remain constant: positive interactions and energy. As each artist headed to the stage, they were met with a welcoming spirit from the crowd and the utmost attentiveness to their music. All of the artists and groups fed off of that energy and gave stellar performances.

Events like this are necessary. Artists need shows that allow them to show their capabilities. New acts benefit from the experience of performing in front of and alongside their peers. After each act left the stage, I surveyed the room and saw that they were met with applause, new fans commended their performances, and connections were made between the artists themselves. You never know what those connections can lead to. If Roundtable Records hadn’t provided the platform for them to perform, those individuals may never have had those opportunities to meet and grow together. Due to the streaming age of music that we’re living in, it’s difficult to keep up with all of the new artists and releases. However, because of this show, I can say I came in not knowing what to expect and walked out as a fan of the artists that I saw. Sometimes a live show can be more beneficial to artists in gaining fans than a crowded Spotify playlist can be. No one starts at the top. Before you can raise your flag at the top of the mountain, you have to start from the ground up and climb there and that’s what shows like The Come Up represent.

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