Apex of Pride

Genesis Nirvana (@rsvp.911) Producer and Creative Director: Korryn Hale (@Rynception) Photographer: Vedant Gupta (@Vedoughnut) Photo Assistant: Kriti Bisaria (@kritibasaria) Stylist: Kerene Graham (@siimplykk) MUA: Niya G (@niya.g.beauty)

“As a multidisciplinary artist, who is a part of the LGBT+ community, and the community of color, I have a lot in my plate when it comes to giving representation to my community. Therefore, as an artist I focus on giving my community a voice through dance, music, and painting. As Genesis Nirvana, I talk about my story in life. I talk about the beauty I see within myself, a beauty I fight for others to see within themselves. The movement created by the body, the shapes, the contours, they all reflect my work. I don't want to fear myself, I don't want to fear my sense of style, my feminine energy, my comical, yet eccentricity, I want to release all that I am into a world that has told me that I am not allowed to do so. It took me a while to realize that my being is not hurting anyone. I am not breaking into anyone's sensibilities by being myself, I am expressing my inner goddess, and I am happy doing so. I am Genesis Nirvana, and I want the world to know I like to dance while the shameless sun energizes my skin. I am a child of the sun, my energizer, and a daughter of the moon, my stabilizer. And that is what makes me happy.” - Genesis Nirvana (@rsvp.911)

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