17-Year-Old, Kiana Dornellien Is the Editor-in-Chief of UrbanTime Magazine

Houston, TX.

Houston, TX.

Kiana Dornellien

Blogger, and Editor in chief of UrbanTime Magazine. 17 year old, Kiana is definitely making a name for herself and we are loving it! Read all about her online publication and her other artistic talents.



What is UrbanTime Magazine?

Urban Time Magazine works to provide the hottest and most recent updates and information on everything within the music, fashion and art world. The material varies between both well known and underground people specializing in artistry, photography, design, and beauty! Urban Time Magazine allows it's viewers to submit their work and have it submitted to our website and/or our printed magazine projects. Our mission is to give viewers great content and provide an outlet for people's work. We have a lot of articles on social issues etc.




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When did you decide to start this platform, and why did you?

This platform was started in October. I met this girl named Lili in this group message for a project called "In Your Skin", I messaged her and we started speaking on how the movement they were trying didn't make much sense and it didn't have organization. We started speaking our ideas of what a Magazine should contain. From that day we have been really successful in what we do.


Who would you say is UrbanTime's main target market? 

Urban Time Magazine's main target I would say are underground artists! We are all for supporting people on the come up, photographers, singers, musicians, models, poets, etc etc. But we do also include articles on different things in life.


What types of creative aspects do you as a blogger like to cover?

Me as a blogger, I enjoy developing the website. I like web designing and setting up the website! That's honestly my favorite part.


Where are you from? Where do you currently live, and how has your environment helped your creativity flow? 

I am from the island of Saint Lucia which is in the Caribbean and I currently live in Houston, Texas. My environment has helped me because Houston has a lot of connects and slept on artists.


What would you say your absolute main focus in life is right now? 

My main focus in life right now is to fulfill my childhood dream of being a pediatrician. Blogging is just something I enjoy doing on the side! I have other people working with me as well so it doesn't take up my time.

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