Westchester's Very Own: Raps N Receipts

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written and photographed by chioma nwana

Westchester is buzzing. Just 30 minutes outside of New York City exists 500 square miles of land largely known as Westchester County. Scattered throughout the region are countless talented and undiscovered artists, hungry to get their feet in the door of the music industry. With New York City as a next-door neighbor, Westchester often forfeits its artists to larger opportunities presented by the city music scene—hungry artists go where they can eat. For years, Westchester has acted as a funnel, sending its most talented artists to the final stop on the Metro North to explore the five boroughs in hopes of a big break. The county has always been a breeding ground for greatness, but it has never been a destination.

However, Westchester’s 20-somethings are working to shift that narrative. In 2015, two former artist managers, Russell Austin and Michael Hall, decided to curate a live music series for local artists to perform. They felt that Westchester was getting a little too quiet and wanted to play their part in passing the microphone back to their roots. That series later came to be known as Raps N Receipts. Hosted on the lower floor of the White Plains Galleria Mall, this artist showcase is a focal point for Westchester’s music makers and music consumers alike. I attended my first show this past Saturday, unsure of what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised: in addition to being surrounded by talent, I was also surrounded by an equal amount of love. It was beautiful to see that every single artist, regardless of the size of their fanbase, was received so warmly by the room—everyone was showered with applause and support from excited members of the audience who traveled from every corner of the county (and beyond) to support their friends, cheer on their hometown heroes, or just discover new artists. The lineup for each show of this ongoing series varies, but Saturday’s event was blessed by the likes of Swave HMG, Ziploc City, K. Smyllz, Don Vito, Reign, VIDDYONDABEAT, Quentin Gilmore, and BTB . Check out the photo recap of the event below (access to all photos can be found here):

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