The Ball Is Always In Coach Q's Court

By Chioma Nwana

Quinelle “Coach Q” Holder is the definition of a “playmaker.” As such, he plays many roles and holds many titles—he is a content creator, publicist, media personality, tour manager, music executive, co-owner of Medium PR Agency, Audiomack’s Hometown Heroes: Virginia playlist curator, a member of The Recording Academy’s DC Chapter, husband to Sabrina Vaz-Holder and, most recently, father to newborn Zenith Vaz-Holder. Following his most recent partnership with client Hit-Boy, we caught up with Coach Q to talk about Medium, philanthropy, how he juggles his multiple hats, and more.

Before we get into it, how was your PR run with Hit-Boy the other weekend? Any cool stories?

I didn't physically get to go out with Hit this time around. My daughter, Zenith, was just born so I've been playing it close to home as of late.

Speaking of representing and working with artists, in your 2017 interview with Modern Life Mag, you mentioned that what separates Medium from other PR companies is its commitment to honoring the clients’ needs. How do you determine the main needs of your clients, and how do you ensure that your strategy effectively caters to them?

Great question. We determine needs by doing a thorough consultation and doing a brand analysis prior to beginning a campaign. After that, we send out bi-weekly and monthly stat reports. 

In that same interview, you made mention to your plans to extend the agency to cover in-house booking and music distribution. How far along are you with that? Are there any additional ways in which you plan to extend the agency?

We've already started this in BETA form with a few of our priority clients. It will be available to the public in 2020. As far as additional expansion, expect to see us doing pop-up conferences, workshops, and panels in a city near you. 

Pictured: Quinelle Holder speaking at  THE DIGILOGUE .

Pictured: Quinelle Holder speaking at THE DIGILOGUE.

Your wife, Sabrina Holder, is an incredible woman in more ways than one—she is an accomplished photographer, the co-owner of Medium, and a super mommy. You’ve mentioned on many occasions that Sabrina has played a pivotal role in your personal and professional development. What, would you say, is the biggest lesson that you’ve learned from her in your time together (as business partners and life partners)?

The biggest lesson I've learned from my wife is real love can overcome anything. My wife took a chance on me when even family turned their back on me. Definition of a "real one."

Outside of work, you’re also a husband to Sabrina and father to your beautiful newly born daughter Zenith. How do you establish boundaries between work life and family life to create a healthy balance between the two?

That's easy. Marriage first, fatherhood second, and work last. In that order, things always work out.

Pictured: Quinelle Holder with his wife Sabrina Vaz-Holder, and newborn daughter Zenith.

In your 2018 interview with RESPECT. Magazine, you mentioned that you’ve dabbled in philanthropy. What did that entail?

A little bit of everything, but mainly giving back to the community that raised me in the form of anonymous cash donations, working with the prison ministry at my local church, and speaking at universities about my journey thus far. 

Outside of the work that you do with Medium, how are you leveraging the platform that you’ve created for yourself to create opportunities for others?

This question is best answered with actions. Keep it locked.

Finally, summer’s always a great time for music—what can we expect from you, Sabrina, and Medium in Summer 2019?

New records from Hit-Boy, Choo Jackson, Slip N Slide Records, and a few other folks who we can't announce just yet!

Pictured: Quinelle Holder and Innanet James.

Pictured: Quinelle Holder and Innanet James.

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