Meet Our Editor-in-Chief, Ayodale Savage

Editor in chief, Ayodale Savage. Owner and founder of SVGE MAGAZINE. Based around editorial and fashion photography, beauty, lifestyle, music, and minimalism.  



What made you want to start your own magazine?                                                                      

     - I've never been interested in magazines until the beginning of 2014. I became a photographer and began enjoying the craft. Once I got the hang of it, I wanted to turn it into more. I created a platform to recognizing photographers with all different shooting styles on Instagram, and it has overcame many changes and I must say I am proud of its creative direction.    

Why did you become a photographer?

- I've always had a passion for taking photos, although I did not take it nearly as serious as I do now. I would take photos on my iPhone of nature, the sky, myself of course, and random landscapes. I met my partner in 2014, and he was a photographer himself. He let me use his camera from time to time until I realized it was time for me to have one of my own. After I purchased my Canon 70D I began shooting every day and the rest is history!

What do you plan to accomplish with SVGE magazine?

- Before the fame and the fortune, I want SVGE to be a platform that all artists can feel at home. I want our content to maintain substance and depth. I would like to embrace the art even in the deepest corners of the world and spread that to all of our readers around the world.

Where did the name SVGE originate from, or was it selected at random?

- The name originated from my family name. Savage. It took me a great deal of time coming up with something to call the magazine. Something like that doesn't come too easy, and I knew whichever I picked would live with the platform forever.


I can probably say the most fun I ever have is with my hair. I think people take it far too seriously, but then again so do I, lol! I am extremely picky about how my hair looks but I am super open to all new styles ALL the time! 

I'm not all that colorful, as you can see. I love unsaturated looks, nude and neutral colors. Navy, Brown, Chesnut, White, and especially BLACK.  

My style depends on it, I am a minimalist to a certain extent. I've always taken the simple way out. I don't do a lot of jewelry, never anything flashy. I also keep my makeup minimal, I never need much. Nor do I ever want it! Like eyeshadow, I can't stand it. Eyeliner? CANT STAND IT! I'm fine with in tact eyebrows and mascara :)  



A huge inspiration for me is Victoria Beckham. She always has been. Her style compliments herself and her family very very well. For those of you who do not know Victoria, she was POSH spice in the UK based group "Spice Girls." Another fav ✨

Even back then her aura spoke volumes and it's continued throughout her entire life and only gets better. She owns a clothing named after herself, and her high class business themed wear sets the trend for so many.  

Victoria’s style sets the bar in everything fashion. She is the only icon i’ll ever need.
— EIC, Ayodale


All images taken, and edited by  yours truly.


I like to keep up to date with my websites and my social media pages. With so many it’s hard to keep track! I like for everyone to see more of me every day, because that’ll help them connect to my businesses as well.
— Ayodale Savage


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