Bright LIghts, Big City


All Images via Sola Fagbemi

All Images via Sola Fagbemi

Q: As a traveler I can imagine you've experienced both the worst and best aspects of people in various places - are there any moments that stand out in your memory? 

Sola: Well, there is this one time that the air hostess (Air France) didn't want to give me food because I was sleeping while they had passed my row, I was a tad bit confused and really hungry.

Q: Where is somewhere you're still aiming to go?

Sola: Rome and Greece.

Q: Which cities are you in mostly - and what place do you feel the most inspired by?

Sola: I am mostly everywhere, and Ghana so far has been the most inspiring.

Q: Has travelling affected your social skills at all? Personally, I find that it's forced me to talk more and be less afraid of starting conversations.

Sola: Yes it has. It has helped me be more welcoming to different cultures and not act weirdly whenever I experience culture shock.

Q: You're currently working on a clothing line, is that something you've always had an interest in? 

Sola: I wouldn't particularly call it a clothing line, probably just fashion pieces and yes, fashion is something I have always had an interest in.

Q: What motivated you to start creating pieces as opposed to later? 

Sola: Whenever I wore an outfit that I designed, I always had people ask me where they could get the outfits, so I found it [necessary] to provide these clothes for people.

Q: You incorporate a lot of Ankara into your style and the pieces you're creating, is that a part of the #africanpride that seems to be floating around social media/your personal cultural connections?

Sola: It is just who I am, as a student of history I have come to terms with the fact that I am pan-African.

Q: I see a rise now of people who are touching on various interests, like you have done makeup, fashion, blogging and now you're designing. Is it a case of shifting interests or just a matter of not holding back your interests that allows you to try out all these different areas?

Sola: I must say, you're really quite observant! It is just me not holding back my interests. Steve Jobs once said, 'you can only connect the dots looking backwards' and I feel like I am going to get to a point where I can look back and everything I have been taking interests in would make sense.

Q: What's a quote that helps keep you motivated?

Sola: "Just Do It"

Q: who do you look up to for inspiration? 

Sola: My mom and Beyonce.

Q: What's the hardest aspect of continuing to present yourself and your ideas online?

Sola: Presenting myself and my ideas online is just a form of ensuring accountability to me, the hardest aspect is actually keeping up to the task of my brand and [goals] I set out to [accomplish].

Q: How do you get over the fear, if there is any at all?

Sola: I just try to stay up to task

Q: As far as fashion goes, what's your go-to look? 

Sola: Anything comfortable and colorful!

Q: I see you go from glam to casual to preppy in all your posts and you rock all the looks, what can you say to people who feel as if they need to be in a particular box when it comes to their looks?

Sola: Learn to wear what you feel. Express yourself in your outfit and don't try to be confined to a box.

Q: When can we expect to be rocking #solafagbemi couture ourselves?

Sola: By the second week of August everyone should have jumped on that wave!!

Sola is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Nigeria. She dabbles in photography and other creative outlets. You can follow her on Instagram, twitter and read her blog.