Nyané Lebajoa is More Than Meets the Eye

Model, Social Influencer, & Fashion Blogger Nyané Lebajoa shares all things inspiring and passionate. 

Name: Nyané Lebajoa. Age: 22. Profession: Social Influencer, Blogger & Model. Style: Fun, Loud & Sassy.

All images courtesy of Nyané Lebajoa.

Q:  When did you realize that you had a passion for modeling? 

NL: I didn't realize until I was in my preteens but my family and friends knew since I was a baby. I always used to dress up and pose and walk like I'm on the catwalk lol! And I'm posing and looking really serious in most of my baby pictures!

Q: Did you always know that you were going to be such an inspiration as you are today? 

NL: No definitely not! I don't even know up until now. When my boyfriend and my friends compliment me or mention that I'm famous or something similar I'm always like: "calm down! I'm not famous!

Q: Is there anyone who has inspired you the most as a model?

NL: My absolute all time idol is Grace Jones! I wouldn’t say I take any direct visual inspiration from her but her career and life in general is a massive motivation. 

Q:  What accomplishment are you most proud of achieving? 

NL: I'm proud of every accomplishment of mine and it would be really hard to pick out something now, but if it was about the size of a company or something I'd say shooting for L'oreal in April was pretty cool especially considering what it will be used for, which unfortunately I will not be able to share with you right now, so you will have to wait until later this year! 

 Nyané Lebajoa, is an all around creative hailing from the United Kingdom. She is passionate about the world of fashion.  Nyané has confidence and poise unlike any other. Her drive, style, and authentic personality is quite ravishing. A woman who takes pride in all that she is and doesn't let the commentary of society bring her down. Nyané is a representation of beauty and power to people all over the world. Her humility and way of expression catches the attention of those she meets along the way which is why she is apart of Spotlight.