Bo Lee is The Mind Behind LEEBOXTAPES

Name: Bo Lee better known as LEEBOX. Profession: A Woman Who Wears Many Hats. Home: NJ/NY. 

all images courtesy of Michelle Corvino. 

Q: When did you realize that you had a passion for creating Art?

BL: This actually took a long time to come to surface… I’d say around 2009-2010. I was definitely a blocked artist. I wasn't really around a lot of people that I could open up to in that way but in some plot twist, I was able to rediscover myself. 

Q: We noticed that you’re a woman of all trades, have you always been so creatively involved in different projects?

BL: When you freelance, when you DIY, when you do passion projects, when you do work-for-hire gigs, you WILL wear multiple hats. So in a way, it inevitably happens. I get self-conscious because I think it makes me look and be all over the place but I love soaking everything in and applying myself wherever I can. I’m curious by nature – so you just keep digging into different areas. You got ONE Life. 

Q: How has being an artist influenced your life?

BL: Oh wow, so much I don’t even know where to begin. I’m a better human being because of it. My empathy, open mindedness, self-awareness, having a grasp on what it is I truly value and how all of this ties into my day-to-day happiness. You heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs right? The top of that triangle is self-actualization…I don’t think it’s possible to reach that without having creativity in your Life. I just want to point out too that by no means is it all up and up. Being an artist makes you face your weaknesses, your insecurities, what needs to improvement, what you need to sacrifice. I get anxious; I go through massive struggles creating stuff. But that pure joy and high you feel when you finish? Irreplaceable.

Q: What compelled you to create your blog,

BL: To simply share. Show more of the process in the things I’ve contributed to. Share some knowledge, resources, perspective, etc. Just imagine we’re having a lunch date and you’re picking my brain – that’s sort of the blog.

Q: Can you share a few words with anyone who is in the process of following their dreams?

BL: Keep yourself moving. “Putting things off is the biggest waste of Life. Live immediately” As much as you may think it’s Your journey, you always have something external supporting you/influencing you along the way. Your environment is powerful to your subconscious and it’s either moving you towards your dream or away from it. Evaluate that often, filter when necessary and show gratitude. Book recommendation: THE ARTISTS WAY By Julia Cameron.

Q: If you could work alongside any artist, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

BL: BANKSY or BEYONCE. They are stealth with it. Perhaps more Banksy because he’s so damn elusive, I love it. They’ve created art that influences millions, they’ve built a beautiful legacy, they push themselves as artists and they do all of this while preserving their personal, private life. Achieving that level of success without the public fame = GOALS ALL DAY. Wait, but Saul Bass is was pretty badass & so is David Hockney. Both are big inspirations… I’d LOVE to work with them. 

Bo Lee, is a multifaceted visionary currently living in the state of California. She is the curator of  while also finding the time to partake in many other ventures. Bo, makes sure to never limit her capabilities which has contributed deeply to her growth as a person, and overall artist. She has remained focus and strong despite all of the struggles that has come her way which is why you are apart of Spotlight.