Multi-Media Artist, Austin Willis

Photographer & Graphic Designer, Austin Willis speaks on the start of his journey an artist and how he began drawing. 

Name: Austin Willis. Profession: Wild Child (Photographer & Graphic Designer). Age: 22. Home: from California but based in NYC.

All images photographed by Austin Willis, of

Q:  If you could describe your style of photography / graphic design in four words, what words would you choose?

AW: I don't really like putting it in categories but if I had to I'd just say it's how I see my world. It's my beautiful abstraction.

Q: Have you always had a love for all things that were creative ?  

AW: Yeah, I started drawing at a very young age but stop creating when I was in high school and beginning of college because I was so focused on sports.

Q:  How did your journey as a photographer begin? 

AW: I was out all the time with friends that did photography so I kinda just picked it up. I started doing it and fell in love with. It went from there to finding my own voice.

Q: What sparked your interest to become a graphic designer?

AW: I had some knowledge of it so i started designing for my brothers clothing line in college when i got hurt running track and just re-found a love for art and started doing it.

Q: What do you love the most about being a multifaceted artist ?

AW: I think the main reason why I love it is because I'm not boxed in. I can express myself how I want to and enjoy giving a perspective on how I see things.

Q: Is there anywhere in the world that you'd like to travel to next? Whether that be for showcasing your art, or to experience the momentum of a new place, or both. 

AW: I really want to travel the world in general see different places and cultures but definitely places such as Europe, Japan, and Jamaica are on my list.

Austin willis, is a multidimensional artist who specializes in the art of photo taking and graphic designing. He is originally from California but currently walks the streets of Brooklyn, New York. His visuals have the ability to spark the attention of anyone, young or old. Willis, isn't afraid to break the rules as he creates a lane of his own. He takes great pride in every work of art no matter the medium. That is why we are so thrilled to have you a part of spotlight.