Shana Bea, Creator of LOVE BEATRICE

Creator & Mastermind Shana Bea of LOVE BEATRICE tells us all of the details behind her eco friendly & 100% handmade accessory line and so much more!

Name: Shana Bea. Profession: Designer, Author, & Founder of LOVE BEATRICE. Age: 28. Home: Los Angeles, California. 

all images courtesy of Shana Bea of Love Beatrice

Q: How did the idea for Love Beatrice come about?

SB: Love, Beatrice was planted in my mind years before it came to life. I decided while I was attending fashion school in NYC that I wanted to have an eco friendly fashion line and that I also wanted it mirror my family values. I knew that I wanted to have a mommy and me clothing line but it wasn't until maybe two years ago, that I decided to handcraft my own handbag designs.

Q: At what time in your life did you follow your heart concerning starting your own company? Was is it a difficult experience ? 

SB: My 24th year leading into my 25th were the tough but extremely transformative years. Life was whooping my ass to be quite honest. But through it all I hardly complained. I cried, but I didn't complain. I worked full time, I went to school full time, I interned, I published my first book, I was still blogging here and there, modeling randomly.. But it was during this time that I etched out my goals with passion and purpose and ultimately decided that I would make it happen, no matter what. There was never a time that I felt like giving up, I was always in the habit of figuring shit out. How can I do this? What will it take to get there? I stayed focused even though I was struggling.

Q: How has the overall journey of Love Beatrice been? Have you received more positive feedback since it's birth? 

SB: The journey so far has been great! It's been hard don't get me wrong, but still great nonetheless. Of course, I've experienced people trying to talk me out of entrepreneurship, but I love what I do and I am absolutely in love with everything that's transpiring. I've worked really hard, spent countless days sewing the night away, invested every dollar that I have, pricked my fingers until they started to bleed, but I wouldn't change the first year of Love Beatrice for anything. I dreamed that my bags would be staple pieces in the wardrobes of stylish brown women, and that dream came to fruition. It's been nothing but love, growing and a beautiful learning experience.

Q: What do you love the most about being an entrepreneur ?

SB: I love having something to call my own... something that allows me to share my creativity... something that showcases my values and beliefs... something that I can dedicate myself entire self to and reap the rewards of that dedication. Entrepreneurship, for me, is like a blank canvas. I can draw up anything that my hearts desires and bring it to life with handwork and perseverance. Entrepreneurship is fulfilling, and that's what I love most about it.

Q: If you could share some advice with those who are considering beginning a company of their own, what would you say?

SB: Be certain of what it is that you want, and go for it. Don't worry about having all the pieces put together in order for you to start. Start where you are, do what you can and allow yourself and mature as a business owner. Stay in your lane and grow at your own pace. Stay inspired, not jealous or competitive... and always, do your fckn best.

Shana Bea, of Love Beatrice is an inspiration to us all. She reminds us of the beauty that is found once one goes after their life given purpose. Shana, makes sure to live everyday doing what she loves in hopes to touch the life of another. Her passion and dedication for designing and creating timeless pieces is quite impeccable. Shana, uses her gifts and dreams to inform the world that one can be successful even while chasing their dreams. Despite the struggles, her vision remained. Despite the struggles she continued to follow the heart of her calling. We are so proud of you for remaining true to your journey which is why you're a part of spotlight.