Lifestyle Blogger and Brand Influencer: Cristina “Barbie Conga” Gomez

Lifestyle Blogger & Brand Influencer, Cristina Gomez speaks on living a life full of health, and how the journey of becoming a blogger came about. 

Name: Cristina Gomez. Profession: Lifestyle Blogger & Brand Influencer. Home: Elizabeth, NJ.

all images courtesy of Denisse Benitez Photography

Q: How did your blog "Barbie Conga" come about? What was the process behind it's creation?

CG: I kind of fell into blogging. I say this because blogging was never a thought in my mind. I seriously had no idea what blogging was all about or what it required. But, it all started via Instagram, I started posting pictures of my hair, outfits, DIY. The followers started adding up on my page and I began to get a lot of questions about products I used, my hair regimen and my outfits. From there I realized I would need a bigger platform which then pushed me to create my website

Q: Through your blog, who do you hope to inspire?

CG: Inspire is such a big word with a even greater meaning, which requires a lot of responsibility. However, if I can inspire anyone through my blog, that would be women. Especially the next generation that are currently in the growing stages. I would love to inspire young girls to love themselves and all of their natural beauty. Yes, makeup is fun, fashion is cool but, being comfortable in your own skin is true happiness.

Q: How did your journey of healthy living begin? Was the journey difficult to start?

CG: I still struggle a lot of times with my healthy living journey. Especially when it comes to food. Ha Ha I love food. But, yes starting a healthy life style is always difficult but, it is also a process. It does not happen over night. I think when your mindset changes about health in general then living a healthy lifestyle becomes easier.

Q: What do you love most about being a blogger? How has it helped you become a better person?

CG: I truly love all the people I have met, worked with, interacted with through blogging. From other bloggers, to different companies, to the amazing comments I get from some of my followers.

Q:  If you could share any inspirational words, to those who are thinking of going after their calling, what would you say? 

CG: We create our own destiny. Do not let anyone tell you, you can’t do something. If one door closes that just means you need to find another door or create your own door.

Cristina Gomez mainly known as 'Barbie Conga' is a New Jersey Based Lifestyle Blogger & Brand Influencer. She aims to inspire all women to love themselves from the inside to the out. Cristina has a sense of style that speaks for itself, making sure to never confine her way of fashion into a box. She expresses herself authentically while also having the ability to encourage other women to do the same. That is why you're apart of spotlight.